European manufacturer and distributor of ironing board covers and ironing boards


Widemex International offers customers high-quality products; we use high-quality raw materials and professional machinery operated by our own trained technicians. We are constantly conducting tests during the production process to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Our expertise

With our long history in the ironing industry, we offer thorough knowledge of the market. We also manage the entire production process of our ironing products. We develop, produce, and supply ironing boards and ironing board covers to the highest quality standards.

We’re professionals

The production of quality products can only be guaranteed by a professional approach. With certificates from various authorities, our customers are assured that their ironing products are professionally developed and produced.

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Produced in-house


Would you like to customize ironing products or patterns for your own range? Contact us to experience our high level of service and expertise as we develop your ironing product range. Allow us to introduce you to the process of creating a successful ironing line for the consumer market.


We have our own brand: Widex®. Our ironing products are continuously kept in stock at our warehouses in Europe, allowing smaller quantities to be delivered all over the world. At Widex®, we use the best raw materials to make our products highly durable.

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